Educational Assemblies


Relaxed assembly style presentations. Designed for the school setting (Elementary-higher educational institutions). Allows students a unique opportunity to learn from someone who lives with a disability, about disabilities; why they occur, how to befriend and interact with those who have disabilities

Workplace Seminars


Company & content specific in-services, seminars, trainings, and video scenarios that will aid the employees in improving individual and collective relationships with those who have physical disabilities with whom they come in contact within the workplace setting. 

Presentation Outlines

Educational Presentations


Cover topics related to: 

-Disability Statistics

-Changing Attitudes


-Diversity & Inclusion

-Person-First Language


All presentations include a Question & Answer portion

Workplace Seminars & Trainings


Cover topics related to: 

-Disability Prevalence

-Disability Etiquette

-Americans with Disabilities Act

-History of Disability in the U.S.A.

-Company specific related video scenarios