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Our company OurView was formed in June of 2010, The program consists of a series of customized assemblies for students from Kindergarten through college, and workshops and trainings for employees of companies. The program is designed to raise awareness about disabilities, to educate the population at large about disabilities, and to change the tone of conversation concerning those who have disabilities.

Our View specializes in disability awareness, and will be a part of the niche consulting industry. Statistical research on the prevalence of individuals of all ages, races, and genders gathered through the American Community Survey by Cornell University In 2017, states that “an estimated 5.4 percent of school aged children between the ages of 5-15 who live in the United States reported a disability”.

Mission & Vision statements – The mission of Our View is to educate and raise awareness about people with disabilities. Our View also aims to change the perception and the tone of conversation regarding those with physical disabilities. To educate and raise students' awareness regarding the various forms of physical disabilities, and the important role each individual can play in accepting those with disabilities into their inner circle without fear and reservations.

The vision of Our View is to build a premier consultant organization that provides high-quality services to educational institutions at all levels and corporations. This mission will be carried out through providing the educational institutions and corporations with assemblies, in-services, seminars, and trainings that will aid in improving individual and collective relationships with those who have physical disabilities.

Core Values:  


           Our View values educating students of all ages about the abilities and accomplishments of those who have disabilities. 


          Our View values collaborating with teachers, school faculty, staff, and company executives to assure that our message being most effective for the audience . 


        Our View values and  believes that having compassion toward all individuals will create a more understanding and compassionate population toward those who are different because of their disability. 


      Our View values and is a firm believer that no person is too young or too old to learn. Our View has multiple learning models that are appropriate for various age groups. 


     Our View values diversity. We at Our View are aware that everyone will encounter others who are different from themselves. In addition, oftentimes if we engage with those who appear to be different on the outside, and we find that we are more similar than we are different. 


   Our View values and trusts in teaching empathy toward others.